FR47 Upper Radius Inspection

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A300/A310 Family – The Link newsletter | December 2016

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New NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) method for FR47 upper radius inspection

Since 2003, the A300 and A300-600 Frame 47 Upper radius is periodically inspected through a mandated inspection program (AD).

The inspection interval depends on the measured crack depth. The method of inspection is based on ultrasound with a specific procedure.

Recent findings in May 2015 (ref OIT 999.0168/15) triggered a project to enhance the current NDT method feasibility, accuracy and reproducibility, led by Airbus NDT Engineering Support.

This new method is based on ultrasonic scanning through bore holes. It has been developed, validated on aircraft and deployed to customers in less than a year.

Main achievements with this new NDT method:

  • Accurate and reliable
  • Crack direction and profile known
  • Scatter measurement: up to 10 times more accurate vs former method
  • Long-term solution for multi-path and deep cracks profiles
  • Human factor influence reduced by the plug and play concept of this new technique.

Inspection area and principle

This new technique was successfully tested on an in-service aircraft in June 2016. It clearly demonstrated a confidence improvement when determining the crack depth.

An automated version is currently in development (Q1 2017).

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