Rudder SRM Repair Reactivation

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Rudder SRM repair reactivation

Airbus is re-introducing most of the recurrent rudder sandwich repairs in the Structural Repair Manual (SRM).


A significant disbond was identified on a repaired rudder side shell during Maintenance Planning Document (MPD) task accomplishment.

A deep analysis revealed that deviation to the SRM repair process could lead to inadequate repair quality. SRM rudder shell sandwich repairs were de-validated in December 2009 Revision.

Interim solution

A mandatory inspection of all rudders with repairs was put in place with replacement of these repairs. New repairs on rudder shell were done by RDAS only.

Terminating action

Based on the in-service repairs of the last 6 years, it was decided to re-introduce most of the recurrent rudder sandwich repairs in the SRM.
The proposal was agreed by EASA on March 17th 2016

Analysis of in-service damages reported to Airbus (RDAS requested) from 2010 to 2015

Repair Type Number of repairs performed
Debond/fluid ingress in Zone D,F,J,A,Q, T,R or D,F,J,A,Q,N,H 39
Debond/fluid ingress in Zone S or E,H,A 1
Debond/fluid ingress in Zone P,O 17
Fluid ingress (No debonding) in Zone P,O 16
Lower FWD Hoist point Zone O rep 2
Rep of Damages outer skin core Zone J 2
Rep of Damages outer skins core Zone A (or A, Q) 19
Upper/lower AFT Hoist point Zone O rep 2


  • Analysis of rudder in-service damages
  • EASA agreement to re-introduce recurrent repairs in the SRM
  • SRM revision Nov 2016


SRM Working Group


The SRM Working Group is the opportunity for the customer airlines/MRO to raise all SRM related subjects they would like to discuss with Airbus.

It is an enhanced collaboration between Airbus and customers with communication via a collaborative platform (iShare) and regular WebEx sessions.

The SRM working groups are in place for all Airbus civil programmes (The first WebEx for the A300/A310 Family is planned in December 2016).


  • Discuss specific technical subjects.
  • Enable customers to propose new subjects.
  • Give status on on-going SRM developments.
  • Present some new repairs for customer feedback before publication.
  • Inform customers about latest SRM improvements (content and format).
  • Share new ideas for SRM improvements.

Collaborative platform (iShare)

  • Currently 21 subjects are followed
  • First WebEx A300/A310FAM on 13th December, 2016

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